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September 19, 2009


Yea we made it! The spa looks wonderful, everyone is going to LOVE it! I am so excited, I can not wait untill all my client come in to recive thire serives. It is a little bit of fun with a lot of relaxation!
Best of luck to us all!


Dear perfect 10, a delightful couple stopped into the Bulldog this last first Friday for food and paid with a business card from this establishment. They had to run so they got their food to go. They tipped extremely well and were very polite, unfortunately not all of their food made it into the bag, and in a hurry the order wasn't double checked. Please stop back by in the near future and we will gladly 'hook' you up. Just tell who ever is working that your waiter was Jessie (me) and that Dawn Perkins (general manager) ok'd a complementary appetizer or desert, maybe a drink or two... whatever it takes to make up for this atrocity.
Jessie Brown
ps. tried to send message via website but the server said 'no'. hope you don't get 15 of these messages :)

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